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Smoking cause your voice to go coarse?

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i can not answer this question as i do not smoke but i pulled this out from the net



somewhat related: a typical effect of smoking for me is that i "hear"

my internal voice as though it is audible -- if that makes sense. and

this made me think of that disease where people hear voices berating

them (e.g., "you idiot!") and i wonder if that is what it's like.


>One strong effect I've gotten from smoking was that when I'd

>speak, my voice would sound detached and amplified, as if I were

>listening to myself on a recording.


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Hey Jeffrey,

As a smoker i can tell you that yes,it can and does make your voice hoarse.I dont smoke that heavily so my voice isnt affected too much,but you can sort of tell im a smoker from the way my voice sounds when i laugh if that makes sense.Sometimes you can hear my voice sort of faulter if im shouting or something where the voice is being stretched.I dont know the scientific facts about why this happens,but it does and is an affect of the smoke damaging the voicebox.Sometimes it can just be a build-up of phlegm (flem) in the throat or lungs that can make your voice sound funny.I think this is more recognisable in older people or heavier smokers that have been smoking for a longer period of time.


Either way its not too good a sign but i am trying to quit as we speak!!


Good luck hope i helped u out a bit .

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Yeh its normal for a smoker (i hope people dont start bashing me about this!!) i cough it up every morning,its coz the flem builds up in your lungs over night and your not smoking when you're asleep so its all bought to the top and you end up coughing it out,which in a way is a good thing.-Better out than in and i think it would be more worrying and perhaps harmful if all that goo stayed in your lungs,as it is waste.


You could go and see a doctor,but unless you're having other problems like pains or anything,then really all you will get told is...you ready..say it with me...'give up smoking'(like you havent heard that a thousand times) and they will probably just give you a huge lecture.-I mean fair do's the doctors ARE right,the way to stop it would be to stop smoking,but i know that as a smoker you know this already...I mean do you want to quit smoking or are you just concerned?

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Smoking has many adverse effects, and yes change of voice is included. Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals which are irritants to your pharyngeal and trachea, hence your voice.

Of course there are many other irritants, allergies, and illnesses or genetic pathology.

Smoking a cigarette reduces oxygen, increases, carbon dioxide levels making you toxic. It affects your hair, skin, nails, all functioning body systems.

And it makes you stink!

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Phlegm production is very common with smokers.

Inside your lungs you have branches or Airways that provide pathways in and out of your lungs. Now wtihin these pathways are microscpoic hair called cilia that facilitate secretions along to make everything work efficiently.

Smoking paralyzes these cilia causing the secretions to become thick and more difficult to expel. Smoking is an irritant to your pathways by constricting them, keeping all that mucous inside your lungs, added to the fact that you have a decreased oxygen supply will give you a symptom of shortness of breath. Longterm dangers are emphysema, chronic bronchitis,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. All of which has no cure. Smoking is also associated with an increased risk of all cancers, which kill you, blood clots, which kill you.

Hauling around an oxygen tank, having wrinkles, malodorous scent, and expense are also side effects to look forward too.

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