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Acne Scars. Please Help

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As far as I know there is know homemade treatment to get rid of acne scars unfortunately. The only thing you can do is see a dermatoligist as there is some laser type surgery available. You might also want to search the net about it, just type in "acne scars" in your search engine and you should find more info on this.

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I buy this stuff and it is the only thing that completely clears my face and gets rid of the scars. Read the feedback of people who use, it works! Over the counter and RX stuff never worked but this did. Highly recommended to acne sufferers. My face is flawless with this product but without it I'm


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I had very bad acne scars, first off let me tell you that they fade alot with age, second the product most doctors are going to give you is Retin-A, I believe you can order this over the internet. Unfortunately their is no home rememdy for getting rid of scars, but it you still are having acne (and if the scars are very new) you can put Vitamin E on it, that is supposed to help the healing process.

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