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I want her back...need some opinions/help ASAP

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as you can read my topic in breaking up for men, i lost my girlfriend of 5 years...i lost her because i wasn't honest and didn't tell her the truth about something for a whole year until she finds out about it.....we broke up 3 weeks ago, we still KINDA talk, but only normal conversations and she invited me over a couple times last week, but when i try and talk to her about how i feel towards her she said, she is completely over me, (after 3 weeks?)...she says everything i tell her goes in one ear and straight out the other because she doesn't trust me now and thinks im a liar....but on some days she allows me to flirt with her some and she flirts back and on other days she seems really really frustrated with me, no matter what i do.....time is slipping and i really really want her back, she is so wonderful to me.....can anyone out there give me any kinda suggestions or help....anything will be greatly appreciated

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Hey Pal...

I'm trying to get my g/f back too...its hard work. You have to take it slow with her and prove to her that you are worthy of her trust. Take small steps. Was the issue a big one or something small? If it was a big one then I can't blame her for being mad. I lost my g/f because I thought I couldn't trust her...it was my insecurities...she is very very trustworthy (its funny what you realize when someone or something is gone from your life) and I hurt her by not trusting her...now she can't trust me not to break her heart again after she gave me several chances...(what a mess!). Reflect on yourself and what you did...how would you feel? Thats what I did...good luck to both of us!

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