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Call? Wait?


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She more than likely feels comfortable around you, hence sitting close to you like you said. Tell me this though, when your leg and her foot touched did you see her reaction? Did she look at your or anything or was she still involved with her work.


More than likely I'm afraid she isn't interested. I know the truth hurts but it's better than wasting your time isn't it? My suggestion is ask her if she wants to go do something with you. Make it something casual and not as if you're exactly asking her out on a date. Sometime when you two are talking bring up that you need to go do something and ask if she'd like to join you. Who knows what might come out of the friendship.


Tell me this... what makes you think you are ugly? Seriously now... perhaps it's your low self esteem that may not be getting you anywhere with this gal. I've learned from experience that, that is a major turnouff for girls. Chicks don't always go after the good looking guys. Look around at couples you see at the mall or school or wherever else. As The Temptations said, "Beauty's Only Skin Deep".

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Slain, Slain, Slain, relax bud. If you keep telling yourself what should you do, what should you do, then your going to be nervous around this girl. You need to set this phrase into your head, "You are the prize." Once you keep telling yourself this, then your confidence will grow enormously. Just strike a conversation with her, just by a simple hello, how are you doing? Of course let her speak 85% of the coversation, so she can tell that your listening. After a period of time just use little ending phrases, like "Well hey, It was good seeing you again, we need to hang out sometime." Then you have your answer if this girl is at least a little interested into you.


Again remember you are the prize, and your just testing this girl to see if she's good enough for you, not the other way around. Just be yourself, and try not to be too nervous, b/c girls can definitely pick that up easily. Well good luck bud, and let us know how it went!


Best regards,



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"Well it was good seeing you again, you need to let me take you out sometime and get a bite to eat or something?" She will then know your interested, and with her reply you will know if she is aswell. You don't want to use the corny phone/internet or any of that crap. "Face to Face" will show you have more gutts. Of course you have to be very confident when you ask her this question, and if it's a reply you don't want to here play it off like it's her loss. Remember your the "Prize"


Best regards,




PS: Let me know how it goes...

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Hey mate easy


slain man i know how you feel , ure in love and it aint easy but buddy u goit to take the intiative man


look man i dint know you or anything but i lltell u aone thing go ask her out dude i mean dont sweat or anything


just go for it and dont hate ureself or anything ure proably a gr8 guy


just go for it , i am always here dude i mean if u want a friend but i am just goin to saY







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