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the time has arrived!!!!

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well here it is!!!


after 13 years of schooling it all comes down to the next 4 weeks of stress stress stress (code for exams!)


im not going to lie.........im FREAKING OUT!!!! but im gonna try and breathe, and stay alive hopefully! its weird that its here, and in a matter of hours to! (well starts on monday).


omg im SO terrified, lol i cant even turn on the tv without it blaring it in my face, i got onto a website with a countdown! A COUNTDOWN! lol you can imagine how that built my confidence


well just came on to let you guys know. you all better take care of yourselves! im gonna be thinking of everyone, and (hopefully) i'll be alive to come back, if i dont have a nervous breakdown!


as you can tell i wont beable to come on here during this period so i wish you all the best, and good luck to everyone with your own life obstacles, im sure you'll be just fine


oh, and if any of you want to swap places, give us a buzz lol


sincerely stressing *+*materia_goddess*+*


ps. oh and a *hint hint, nudge nudge* to the personal experience page everyone!

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I wish you the best of luck on your test. I think that you will do grate


(stands up picks up drink, takes deep breath "There is a tost to you may the gwads shine bright on you today so you can over come the changes ahead of you" takes big drink "none for you. You have a test soon" sits back down)


Good Luck materia.

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