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girlfriend virgin....

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hey all... good site !



my girlfriend has never had an orgasm. she never masturbates - she thinks its not right. hwoever, she wants me to "go down on her"


we have talked about it.. she feels ready.


however, what should i do ? she is obviously a virgin.


I know that "popping" a girl happens when she has sex the first time... do you think fingering would do this too ?


is there anything i should watch out for ?


what exactly "pops" - is it inside like a"layer" blocking or is it more that it's not wide enough and the skin around it breaks ?


thankyou for any help.

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Okay, not to get graphic, but no, using your fingers will NOT "pop" her....as in, break her hymen. Her hymen is just a thin membrane...it is far enough up, however, that you shouldn't have to worry about breaking it unless you have EXTREMELY long fingers!


Just go with what you're comfortable with....there's no set rule that says how far you have to go and when. If she's giving you the signals that she enjoys what you're doing (i.e. body language, eye contact, sounds, HER TELLING YOU) then keep on doing what your instincts tell you. And ASK HER what pleases her. Women would much rather you ask than fumble around in the hopes that what you're doing is right!



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