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I always seem to screw up whenever I meet new people. I am going to be meeting a few new people today. I am worried that I am going to make a bad first impression or say something wrong at some point. I am going out with my friend who has some friends that are females; I haven't met these females while he's known them for a long time. I am not trying to get a girlfriend or anything; I am just trying to figure out how I am going to fit in and not mess up while I am with these people. Thank you...

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It sounds like you might have a problem with being too aggressive in trying to get to know people. If that's so, just back off this time and let them come to you. If they don't (I'm assuming that you'll be around other people), go find someone you wouldn't mind offending. If it turns out your problem is that your too shy, that's a hard one to get over. Just remember a little chivalry goes a long way.

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