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getting back together stories

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Does anyone have some good getting back together stories that they can share. Like how long they broke up for, did she/he change when you got back together. Is the saying, if you love someone then let them go, really the truth. Id love to hear some stories like this.

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I think I have what you are looking for. My fiancé & I have broken up & gotten back together few times. Now, we are about to get married in few weeks. I wouldn’t recommend that breaking up & getting back together is the best journey for a relationship. Indeed, it often causes emotional damage, hurtful feeling and/or resentment that need to be addressed later. In my case, it does help us to learn a lot about ourselves, make us to understand each other & thereforeeee strength our relationship more.


How long we broke up for? My fiancé & I have known each other for 4.5 years. We lived in the same city for the first 2 years. We dated for 3 months & then broke up for 7 months. Then, we got back together for 3 months & then broke up for 3 months until I was about to move to another state & he suddenly realized his feeling for me. After that, we got back together & have maintained a long-distance relationship for 2.5 years (ever since).


Did she/he change when we got back together? Yes, we absolutely change a lot, gradually & for better. We change to accept more about each other; we tune-in more to each other’s needs. It’s done naturally.


If you have the breaking-up & getting-back issue, try to find out the reasons. I think if he/she really loves you, his gut feeling or her heart will tell him/her soon or later. Just be patient & take care of yourself. Everybody has his/her own story, and I hope mine would help you in some ways.


With my best wishes,


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