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is she playing games

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i have known this girl for about two years now. When i first met her, she had a boyfriend and i was seeing one of her roomates. There was always something between us two though. weird i know! anyway she broke up with her boyfriend and i had stopped with her friend about a year ago. so we have been talking for a little while and i thought everything was cool. I asked her to the movies, and she stood me up. i didn't get a call until a week later. I'm not the type to get overly angry, but she kept on saying "i know you're angry" like she wanted me to be. The more she would say this, the more i took the stand up personally and realized that she may have meant what she did, because at first i took it as she may have been busy. We ended up gettin' into a small back and forth, but nothing much. At one point i told her later, to get off with her and she acted as though she didn't hear me. At the end of the conversation she goes do you want me to call you tomorrow.....haven't heard from her. I'm not madd that she does things like this, i'm more with just do it and save your breathor you're gonna make a guy angry!

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I have a question for you....


After this girl stands you up, doesnt call you until a week later, falsely accuses you of being angry, starts fights with you, and never calls back when she says she will, WHY on earth are you still interested? I would be furious and just drop him so fast, his head would spin! Yea, I think she is playing a game, but honestly do you want to be with someone who is so unreliable and inconsiderate?


I'm sure you can do alot better.

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I could not have said it any better then LovelyLady she is right why or earth would you wanna get involved in something like this, I understand you really like her and all, but why are you wasting your time.


You need to set her straight, ask her what she wants and go from there. It's not fair on you and it's not right of her.

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