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She Says she have feelings for me too but actions don tally.

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Hi, she told me that she has some feelings for me too... but when i ask her out, she would ask me stupid hurting question " for what?" " i tought we saw each other already in sch?" " U don need to study for da test? so free?" " not bored huh see everyday?"...... but she will go out and meet me anyway..... we could talk for hours when me meet but i don feels any chemistry there.... we talk like normal frens just like before i told her abt my feelings for her and she told me of her feelings for me.... i don feel the warmt of beeing love or being showered with concern.... she never msg me out of the blue to ask how i am doing also.... i try to understand that she is 20 and i am 18 and maybe she's more mature and don indulge in such lovey-dovey stuffs like ppl of my age does? or maybe becos she has not been into any relationship for 3 years already? but i really think this can't go on..... i need the attention and surprises also..... frankly i felt 1 sided now, i doubt she do have feelings for me..... but why does she told me that she does with that shy, very redish face and really make me believe her.... sometimes i feels like wanna pack up and leave...

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You say that she is 20 and you are 18, maybe that might be the reason, IT SHOULD NOT BE as they say age is noting but a number, but im guessing she does like you a lot but maybe she feels as she can not go out with your for that reason.


Why don't you try to be a bit ,more blatant, like for example ask her if she will be your girl friend, if she say no, then ask why, and then I would walk away if I were you.

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I do ask her abt age gap before, she says she don mind.... the reason we are not attached yet is her dad just dies 3 weeks ago and she just found out that her dad having an affair so she's in no mood for a BRG and she also stressed out that she also naver think abt any bgr in her 3 years of being single, this comes as a surprise to her.... she also so said that it's not my fault, just that she's not ready and it would be selfish of her to ask me to wait... she would also reject any other guys who ask her now just becos she's not ready... but all i ask for some reaction and actions from her not tying her down with a relationship..... haiz....

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