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cutting to the chase, i'm getting anxious when i see a certain girl that comes into my shop. she is just a customer and very pretty. when i serve her i appear pretty calm, but underneath i feel really uneasy. i don't want to develop a relationship with her, i just want to know how to deal with the anxiety. does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey, she is definitely ringing your bell buddy. I dont know why you want to fight it, maybe your scared or think shes to good for you, dont be, you have nothing to lose by talking to her or asking her out, fear prevents us doing so much, walk past the fear, leave it behind, absorb what you feel for this girl and go for it.


Good luck.

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it's one of those situations where my body is saying yes but my mind is saying no. my mind is in osund condition so i'd rather go with my thoughts than the raging hormones in my body.


i guess i'll just have to be myself everytime she comes in and eventually this infatuation will go away. thanks for the replies!

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