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I got the girl but still depressed

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Ok well if you havnt read any of my other forums il ltell yo the story, mabye about 4 days ago and im am in love with her badly and dont call it lust cause i know its not, yes im 15 and lemme guess a 15 year old can never be in love well this isnt to any of yall but thats BULL ok off that part well weve been on dates and she will lay next to me and cuddle and stuff and all this and its all fine with me and i dont feel depressed with her but when im home alone i go back to my normal self being depressed listining to slow music feeling like i hate my self suitting on my bed and i dont get it it just wnt go away does any one know how i can become normal again and quit being depressed

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Hi Puffdaddycurl,


Why are you sad? Is it because you are missing her, or is it something else? You should be more positive - sounds like you have what you want !!


The more you sit around depressed, the more you will be depressed. Don't allow yourself to be like this - rise up and be happy


Hope this helps you some,

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Did you ever think that you are clinicaly depressed, your girlfriend being around is a temporary solution but as soon as she's gone you seem to get depressed again. Just try to remember that you got a family that loves you and a girlfriend that loves you too, you got alot to live for, and if you are clinically depressed then you need to tell your parents to help you trust me it'll be alright. Try talking to you girlfriend about it that might make you feel better. If you ever need help just look me up and send me a p.m. I'll talk to you later peace. \

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