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I love her but to shy to kiss ( girls opinion please)


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Hi everyone,

Well I'll just get straight to the point, about two days ago me and the girl ive liked for over a year began dating and by how i know her and how she talks in all i know she likes to kiss and for play and stuff in public and everything. Well my first problem is that i have never made out with a girl, i mean ive kissed a girl but never frenched or tongued her if you call it that so please tell me what to do wit that. My second problem is the question for the girls i dont mind forplaying and i probobly could do it but where and how do you girls like to be touched so i dont move to fast nor to slow. PLease Please Please respond to this because i dont wantt o lose this girl oh and if this helps im 15 and shes 14 dont know if that helps but why not. well please respond



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