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Lost myself when falling in love...


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oh god this is soo confusing. i lost my dream girl because i probably loved her too much, and made her feel superior to me, and for that she split with me. love someone, put the effort in, but only the amount that is coming back out. show them love but dont go over the top and treat them like gold, because the consequences are possibly disasterous. if she is giving it to you, then give it back. that way both of you will b happy and wanting to get more out of each other. in any other way one of u will end up looking desperate, and this will b bad for the relationship. as sad as it sounds, you cant express all your love, because remember if you do so then u risk losing her. let her work you out slowly. sorry if it sounds harsh, im a guy who just wants to show my girl love, but its based on my experience and what iv learned.

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