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tell me the story of ur perfect kiss

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im going to my homecoming with my good friend...that i kinda like..and i have a feeling he might like me too, and i know for a fact that hes gonna kiss me, cause my friend told me...but i have never been kissed before, and he knows that...and im scared, cause hes already been kissed.. i have a feeling that it'll be bad..i have soo many questions about kissing...so, everyone out there, who is experienced, please help me...give me some tips on how u start off in french kissing, and what u like to do, and ur styles of kissing...and explain it in great detail...hell, why dont u just tell me ur perfect kiss, and describe it, i need all the help i can get...like what do u do with ur tongue, i know u like carress ur tongue with the other person's tongue, but how and do u like put ur tongue back into ur mouth, and put it back into theirs...please help me...and i know if i worry too much, that it wont be nice and relaxing, so if u reply as soon as possible, i will be relieved and prepared, and wont be nervous....thanks u guys!!

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Ok slow down there. Kissing will come natural to you. I know how you feel I was the same around my first kiss. Explan on how humm..... your best bet is to fallow his lead. do what he douse (that is what I did with her) but back to your problem. You will be nervous on your first kiss but it will fade quickly. I will always remember my first kiss not becouse of what the kiss was like but becouse of who it was with. Or I would tell you what I did but I cant remember. I hope this helps you.

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Cids right you just need to go with the flow.. when I had my first kiss I was so nervous and I didn't know what to do. but once he kissed me.. its like magically I knew what to do.. My first kiss was great.. it was over spring break.. and it was snowing outside (snowing during SPRING break. how ironic) and it was cold and we were talking and walking around when all of the sudden he just grabbed my face really lightly and kissed me.. it was so great.. I felt my knees kinda give in..and he noticed to.. he was like "walk much" .. lol it was great.. he even helped me walk back to my house. Good luck on ur first kiss! Write and tell how it went!

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