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...in love and war

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I thought the title might fit because I'm a soldier with a question about morality in love.


My loved one tore herself away from me months ago. I have tried and have not been able to get over her. I have met other women, entered into several short relationships, mostly one-night stands, but even where I felt something deeper could be developing, and even when I allowed it to happen, I yearned only for -her-.


I will make this short and to the point. I want another chance with my ex. If something real had been the cause of our breakup I would probably move on, but it was only because of lack of time to see one another. This has changed with my new assignment.


Look into your hearts. Everyone has dealt with love lost. Would you try to -form- a situation where you could get back together? Even tread on thin ice in regards to morality while going about doing this?


I would welcome any and all answers, and I thank you.

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As a whole, in reading your post I'd say yes, definitely give it another shot, if distance was the only thing that caused the breakup and that's changed.


The one thing that bothered me was the morality question, though....I would NEVER compromise mine or anyone else's morals to get what I wanted, that just sets things off on a bad note. What did you mean by that? I might have a better answer if I knew a little more as far as that went!




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