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male v. female

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It will be hard no matter what sex you are there is not an easyer one. The good things of been a man........ I dont know if there is such a thing. Mostly depends on how you feel about your self, if you not like your self it dousent matter what sex you are you will still say the the outher one is easyer. Oh I just thought a good thing of beeing a guy and that is we dont have to where make up. Well I hope that this helps you.

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Hey everyone.


LOL I don't see why women would want to be so like men...I'm a guy so that COULD be why even though I have my doubts.


I don't really see a difference, I'm the kinda person who believes in good and bad about every single thing, so much that I end up not deciding half the time unless its really important.


Both sexes have its ups and downs and sometimes people say things for one sex when in fact it really works for two. Eg. hot chicks have this special power over guys, but then again, if it was a hot guy, he'd have just as much control wouldn't he?


Happy Heb

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It takes work to be who you are. You have to recognize that women want the power that has been traditionally held by men, not in a sexual sense, but in the work place! Women face a different world than men, and we are just starting to understand how complicated this is.


Women are forced into a role of working in the home, and having a career on the side and making ends meet and being the soft place for her partner, and what if she fails in a sense at one of these is she less than a person? Is she failing at being herself, then?


We live in a male- dominant society, so we must embrace our male side!


Men must learn to love their feminine sides as well. We should all be seeking to be androgenous instead of ultra feminine or ultra masculine!!

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