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can't anyone help me???

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My roommate is a girl who is a freshman in highschool, just like me. She likes a senior who has a girlfriend! She can't wait till they both go for a walk so she can give him some a$$! This girl is also an alcoholic (she drinks peach snaps with some other people on the weekends) and im pretty sure she's a drug user too( my friend from school knew her because he does drugs, and when they met in summer camp, he said that she did drugs too.) I am not sure what to do about this!!! i dont know if i should tell anyone, because many names will come out, and i may be made fun of...and that will totally blow off my social life!!! What should i do? She's my roommate, and her friends always come in and discuss guy problems in front of me! They tell me not to tell anyone! I dont know what to do! Please help me! Any kind of advice will do!

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one question, you have a roommate and your a freshman in highschool? did your parents let you move out earlie or what? or do u mean college? I think that if you have a problem with the girl you should be straight and tell her what you think....not in a bad way, but you should try to talk to her when you both are alone and tell her that you feel uncomfortable. Is this girl just one big party girl? does she drink and do drungs everyday? does she bring drugs to your apt or where ever you live, because if she does than you can tell her thats something that really bothers you because it will get you introuble.What is it that you dont know if you should tell someone? the fact that she drinks and does drungs? or are you talking about her getting with this senior and giving him some booty? If you feel like you need to tell someone something b/c its dangerous than you should. Your social life will not always revolve around these ppl, there are more ppl out there that are totally different and might have more in common with you...do you know what i mean?

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i understand you. Im a freshman in highschool. I live in a boarding school, thereforeee it's not that common. Im worried about the senior having a girlfriend, and my freshman friend getting some a$$ from someonwho will dump her right after he gets it.


Im also worried about her doing drugs and drinking outside of school. What if she is caught? Her friends just walk into my room during study hall, when youre not allowed to visit other people, and talk about guy problems, or how they want some a$$, or how they don't remember their weekend because they got so drunk! I can't talk to her...Ive tried. Should i tell an adult?

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ohhhhhhh... wow this girl is young than. i am a senior in high school and i totally know what you mean. if you tell an adult she will probably get in a lot of trouble. try talking to her again and try to get her attention. tell her that if she doesnt listen that you have no choice but to tell an adult. or you should write her a letter and tell her what you think and how you feel because that way she wont be able to inturrupt you, walk away, yell at you, etc. and you are right all guys want is sex at this age. is your friend a virgin? have you ever been there or gone to parties with them?

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im pretty sure my roommate is a virgin. She just hooked up with this senior yesterday. I hate the fact that all her friends came into the room to give hugs and congratulate her! I was like... uh, what is everyone doing in my room???It's really annoying. Not only that, but she could barely tell me about her weekend! I really dont want to talk to her, but i will try.

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ok to be honest.. its the 'cool' thing to be with the senior guys it your a freshman or sophmore in high school.. the guy that she is with is probley just trying to get some but tell her that.. i mean i understand the whole drinking thing cuz that is the main trend to a party.. but just make sure that your roomate won't do anything that she will regret.. chances are that the senior guy is jsut trying to get some but there are different cituations.. i had a serious girl friend with i was a senior in high school and she was only a sophmore.. i know that sounds bad but she was something else.. id on't know.. i would just try to talk to her sometime or else leave a not elike someone said before..

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