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Advice needed Please read.

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I gave this girl i like a bday present. Although we are just frens now I still bought her something which i thought would be great. It was taken off from DKNY's new autumn collection of watches.


When she opened her present just now i was not around as i had already left. Anyway she msg me and said that she wanted to return the gift as she felt it was too expensive. I told her that it was not really costly so asked her not to worry bout the price. Then she said that she was not comfortable receiving such a gift as we were nothing and she dare not accept the gift. I msg her back again and said that it ws a gift from a fren to another fren.


She hasnt replied after that but as they said no news is good news so does it mean that she has accepted the watch ??? or is there some other meaning ??????

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Well i think she is taking it as a sign that your seeing more to this relationship than there is, in other words, shes probably thinking, OMG he must think im his GF and that we are an item. and thats why she acted like this.


And in a way, you know its true, but, let me give you some advice, you dont have to spend lots of money, youll win her heart easier with your actions, being someone she likes to be with, someone she can count on have fun with.


You did the right thing telling her it wasnt that expensive and that its just a friend to friend thing, but take it easy with those kind of things, she may get spooked thinking your this possesive type guy that assumes too much.

jewerly in particular is usually reserved for people already an item. a teddy bear, a hello kitty doll, or a CD, would have been a little bit more appropriate.


but all is not lost, dont make a big thing about it, if she brings it up, play it down,cool like.

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Okay think of it like this you meet a girl who you know for a little while and then she gives u a present which you think , oh no she must think I am somebody special ..see it puts a lot of pressure on you and expectations on the other person .


Well it can also get people to become awkward like when you meet her next time you meet her you are going to feel weird because of the gift ..the pressure and this will ruin whatever chances that girl had of going out with you because unknowingly she put a lot of pressure on you ..Which she didn't realize ..you cant buy love or friendship and most people think of it like that no matter how sincerely you feel you have given the gift


Time is the only thing that can make good friendships

My advise is that don't think about it next time you meet her don't mention it to her (the gift) just talk normally as usual and she will take a clue from you and not become normal ..if u ask her about it then she will feel really weird about it…. I am sure if you give her time she will really start to like you ..i can say that with experience

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