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I think that you should move on. If she broke up with you, then it's obvious that she doesn't want to be with you. I don't want to sound blunt, but there could be a possibility that she's found someone new.


You holding onto 'hopes' of a relationship with her will get you nowhere. Don't cling onto her, you're only hurting yourself. I hope that this helps...

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Hmm maybe have you thought of it in this way that she doesn't want to tell you and has some other guy in the background.


I mean think about it .. if no one appeals to her and she isn't attracted to anyone else then why did she break up with you .. relationships are about emotional support may be she feels that she can get that from someone else ..


Also I agree maybe going to college scared her because she maybe feels that it would be difficult for her to maintain the relationship


But you should talk to her but don't push it


Good luck

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