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scenario- what does he have to do?


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ok im gonna give u the scenario that i am in, and need the girls to tell me what i need to do to get her back or at least give us a chance. iv asked alot about my situation, but i am trying to get as much help as i can.


one night with ur m8s ur best friend introduces u to a guy who absolutely blows u away (lool from wat iv been told)!!! hes the first guy uv openly liked. after a couple of months this guy asks u out, and u obviously agree after turning down so many others.


4 months into the ur first real relationship and this 'prince charming' is treating u like a gold! hes always texting u, always wanting to meet up, and unfortunately u could say that he is looking kinda desperate without noticing. he says ur the best thing thats ever happened to him and that he doesnt deserve u, and that a million other guys want u.

but then one week he feels really down and out and is complaining that u arent being 'urself' around him (which could be true). feeling that u dont have to put up with this since he isnt really worthy u decide to b friends with him. this guy then puts his heart on the line in the nxt few days tellin u everythin he feels and that he wants another chance with the only important thing in his life. u obviously say 'no'.

u are now out enjoyin urself while he doesnt seem to b contactin u anymore. but u do still have feelings for him and wouldnt rule out gettin back with him. what would b the best way for him to make an impression on u? no contact? flirt with other girls? remember that u probably think that ur too gd for him. is there any way he can win u back? perhaps show that he has moved on? some help pls girls, (and guys if u want). thnx

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