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i always scare them away

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Okay, i would call myself a quite open person. If i start to like a guy i usally tell them. Here's the problem. I think i may be intimidating them or ruining their natural instinct to "hunt" b/c im'm giving myself to them. I've tried not saying anything but i make it obvious or i fear missing the chance. I dont know where else to go with this but i'm tired of losing the guys!

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this will probably sound stupid...but you will eventually get a guy. if you act the way you are, then some guy out there that you will eventually come accross will like your openness. maybe you just haven't found that right guy, but there are some guys out there who will be too shy to like you know they like you first, so they will be relieved that you could say it first.

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I totally agree with the post above u got the right method i am a shyguy so i would like it if a girl was like that ;


hurray for you , u are helping guys like me hehe


i think its gr8


u girls should take the intiative and then let the guys take over

just my opinion

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Hey ttstar. First up, I'd like to welcome you to enotalone on behalf of everyone. I'm sure u've taken a nice step towards finding support and advice from many people of various ages from around the world which will be around for a while.


Yea I too would prefer someone who's more open with me but the truth is, it really depends on the person...like they say, don't get comfortable coz then u don't have to try. But I'd say don't change, it makes things a lot easier, you're probably just having some bad luck, but it should flow out and you'll find that special someone you like.



Happy Heb

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wow, you sound like a gem all confidant and honest with your feelings! Heck we'd prolly click if we met! Keep up your great attitude and forward approach. Sure guys want to hunt, but some of us appreciate an honest girl that doesn't play games. I don't know how old you are but men do grow up! Keep being you and eventually Mr. Right will see you as perfect!

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