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Okay, I dont think thats a fair statement. Because college does not change who you are as a person. Though... An institution such as college will definitely change your attitudes towards different ideas and issues. From experience, if you really do love someone, then values and opinions wont matter to much.


Honestly though, from my own experiences, the more you worry about the issue of 'relationships survivng the transfer to college' the more likely the relationship will fall apart. It will still work if you want it to. Just dont get worked up over the situation, or you will find things to fall apart.


I need more information to help you more

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Perhaps.... though from your tone maybe this is the best thing. If she cares enough, she'll come back to you. Though dont allow yourself to be strung along. If she is messing around or having a 'break' from you I dont think you should hang around to get hurt. If she wants you gone, then go- dont pressure her. But if you have feelings for her still, then keep them -emotion is the food of the human soul- but try to move on. And who knows what time will bring.

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Last year, one of my best friends broke up with his girlfriend of 1 1/2 years when he started college because it's so different (she was still a junior in high school when he started), but they got back together after a few months and they're still together now almost a year later, so don't give up.

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I'm in a very similar situation.

My ex and I started dating when I was a junior in high school, he was a senior. He went away to college so for a year we had a long distance relationship. We never even considered breaking up. We survived the year and if anything our relationship became stronger. The next year I went away to college, about 20 minutes from where he goes. Everything was going well but as time went on we strated to fight a lot. 3 weeks ago he broke up with me saying the fighting got to be too much and we were different people when we started going out - almost 3 years ago. I'm devastated and I hope he realizes this is a mistake. So to answer your question, I think it's hard to have a relationship with the same person al through college althoguh it is very possible since I do now couples who started dating in high school and now in college are still happy together.

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They would be over very stupid things. Little things would annoy us about each other, things that didn't bother us in the beginning of the relationship. I think that it was because deep down inside we were both unhappy and starting to resent each other. I think that we both felt trapped in the relationship since we knew we loved each other but we alo both needed to know that we could be independent. We didn't want to have any regrets about not ever being single in college. I still do want to be with him but he doesnt feel the same way which hurts.

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if you guys really feel like you want to be independent then why do you want him back?

if you resent him why doyou want him back?

is it cause your used to having him around? if thats the only reason why then i think you only want him back for the wrong reasons.


pretty much all the fights my gf and i had were simply because we missed each other and we knew it. we knew that this fight was only going on cause i missed her and she missed me but we continued it. most of the time it was me. that is part of the reason why its over.


i hope you figure everything out and decide whats good for you. once you feel that you should move on, you will move on. once you see that there really was no hope then you will move on.


for me i still see hope ... i dont know if she still feels like tehre is though. i hope so. i hate knowing that i did that to the one i loved.


i need someone to tlak to that understands whats up

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Alright me and my girlfriend been dating for a little over 3 years the first 2 years were great. She went to college in our hometown for 2 years then we still loved each other and seen each other just about every weekend but we went to different colleges. My first year of college i went out of town and she transfered out of town to a different college but not the same one as mine. well that whole first year for both of us was fine we had our little arguments but it was said and done we both got over them. Well this summer came along and we seen each other but she stayed at college and worked and i came home for the summer and worked well our relationship we started fighting more but we made up and evereything was fine. Well i stayed home this year for college which is the college she went to at first and had planned to move up to her college at semester. Well now she is always busy and never has time to talk to me always partying with her friends. She tells me that she just needs time but she loves me with all her heart and wants to be with me she just wants to do stuff with her friends for a while. Well her friends at college come home when she comes home and she still does stuff with them and barely does stuff with me. Well now we arent together i dont guess cause she said she needs time well she dont call or nothing. I called her wednesday and just talked to her casual and everything went alright. well the last like 4 times i talked to her she dont tell me she loves me when we get off the phone with each other. Well last night me and my buddy went over to our friends house and she and a few of her friends showed up. well i know she seen me when she walked in the door but she didnt say nothign acknowledge me or nothing. well i walked outside and then the guys that own the house was like you need ot leave, they were like i dont think she wants you here. SHe was buzzing pretty good if not drunk. So i left. I know she had to say something to them for them to come tell me that. All she does now is party with her friends and drinks. But the last 3 times i tried to get her to drink with me she wouldnt. OUt of those 3 times she drank with me 1 time but only drank a half a beer in like an hour. I think she thinks that she just cant have fun with me. i know me and her and her friends can have fun together but she dont give it a chance right now. I sent her flowers today. Should i have done that or not? I know her friends have more influence on her than she thinks. She always tells me " I make my own decisions". All her friends ever hear about us is the times we argue all the bad things they never hear the good things. I know that they get her to do stuff like when i call not to answer the phone. Just let me know what yall think. It looks like there are a bunch of people in this problem right now

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College does not change who you are, I have been through this we survive college without much thoughts of separation or being together. however if a person changed they will change, mine change after college. She broke up with me after after 1 year of graduating from college over a feeling that someone told her she is beautiful.

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