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Couples out there pls tell me

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There is something i would really like to know .. it might sound stupid but here goes.

Did your lovelife begin like this:

A has a crush on B. B happens to have a crush on A as well. Either one side expressed his/her feelings and so they end up a happily together.




A has a crush on B. B does not have a crush on A but doesn't dislike A either. A tells B how he/she feels and so B decides to give A a chance and they are still happy together.


In my opinion, the first case is pretty rare huh ?

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my bf & me were in the same art class in high school when he was a senior & i was a junior. we both had a crush on each other, but didn't know. after he graduated, i figured i would never see him again, but then one day i got a note from his friend that he wrote. it basically said that he liked me a lot & wished he did something about it sooner. we have been together for almost 8 months now...

i have had the second one happen to me before too. i only liked this guy as a friend, in fact i didn't really think he was all that cute. but we became like best friends & slowly i started to have feelings for him. i didn't work out though because his other friend liked me, so he didn't want to date me because of his friend. im over him now though, we don't even talk anymore...

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Both serenios happen in life, and both work out, and sometimes both don't.


My first relationship was like the second one. We didn't really know eachother, but he liked me, so I thought "Why the heck not?" and well, we had a nice relationship, very bad breakup, but its gotten a little better with time. We don't speak tho.


The relationship I am in now, is actually like the first one, he and I have been dating barely a month, but sometimes I feel like much longer time has elasped. I just hope this isn't the "new relationshipy" stuff floating around, I want this feeling to last forever.


I think the first one and the second both happen, its just the actuality of either of them lasting is the big question.

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I'm not part of a couple, but I've just gone through the whole expressing ourselfs phase. Me and a co-worker had secret crushes on eachother. She came out first- than I immediately followed. Though... how to explain...were not exactly together. She was with her boyfriend of 8 months, and... well now their not together. But we don't feel it's right for us to get together yet. Rare- yes, maybe once in a lifetime. But sometimes their are complications, like in my case.

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