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new friends don't make close friends. it's not your call, unless she has no old and close friends.


the most you can do is just be a friend. but she probably won't confide in you cos you're not her close friend. so just say stuff like "it hurts me to see that you're sad. what's wrong?" and if she doesn't respond, then just let it go. don't get labelled busybody.

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now you're talking. you're not just a new friend, but have become a more close friend to her over time, and have been helping her with her recent breakup


first thing is to find out what really happened in the breakup. if she is ready to confide in you. telling others is really the first step to recover. the old adage "confession is good for your soul" is true.


cos then you can mirror the situation for her, so that she can see that she's been stuck in the same rut for a month now, and while her ex is having a whale of a time, she's the one still hurting for nothing. if the ex is in the wrong, then she can really move on from here.


start with just simple friendship stuff like talking about makeup, fashion or music (movies aren't so safe, unless it's a pure action movie or a kid's cartoon)


just get her going back to routine, that's all. healing takes time.

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