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this one time...in band camp. lol, but seriously, need help.

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For those of you that know me, im in band. yep, go TOP. Anywho, this girl that ive talked about in my previous posts talks about stuff like (we've used them), a mask (that too), she likes to be tied up...stuff like that. well, last night, we went into her backseat and did some stuff. Started out as kissing, then i felt her up, and eventually fingered her. Now, how do i know when to stop? unless of course she says, "stop". lol, but how can you tell she had an orgasm? anyhelp here.

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The woman I have been with have all orgasmed differently but obviouslly.


everything from a little moan and tremor, to a blasting yell and everything in between.


I dont think you have given her one yet, but dont feel bad, its very few young girls that can orgasm just by fingering from another person. heck many have problems doing it themselfs.


The best thing you can do is ask her! I know you want to act like you know what your doing, but great lovers will ask how they like it. in other words you look like your interested in her pleasure, and asking her to tell you her fantasies so that you can please her more.



If shes into flutes, well.............hehe

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yeah, she did all that, moaned alot, arched her back (which ive heard does it too), heavy breating, and the whole nails in the back and arm thing, lol. but ive heard that thats not it, theres more...i forgot from who. Oh, and by the by, shes not young, she's had sex before and she has a orgasms before. hehe, thanks anyhow!

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