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how do i ask her out!!

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oook...here's my story...


the first few weeks of school...there was this girl i was attracted to(she's a freshman...ima sophmore)...i talked to her and got to kno her and i really like her.i asked her to homecoming and she said yeah.

so we went to homecoming and everything and i took her out to eat.

she says she likes me but i dont kno when to ask her out and make it official...i like her soooo much.and i dont know when to kiss her because sometimes i kno she wants to and i always wanna kiss her but i just never did because mabye she doesnt...and i dont know...she's got me all messed up.and i dont even kno what to do sometimes...(btw...she doesnt know about all my feelings)...so what is the best thing to do

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0X well maybe u should just go up 2 her and say, i know u might not think of me much more than u already do, but um i really like u alot and so will u go out with me? just as simple as that if she says yes then umm SCORE! if she says no then just go on being friends, friends last longer then relationships anywayz





Aubryn! 8) 0X

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Ya. Go for it. It's obvious that the two of u are getting along well. And judging from what you've told me, am sure she'd love going out with you. You'll have no problem. If she says no, just remember that it must be a good reason, because I can't see the problem in your situation

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