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girl of my dreams


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Hey I'll try to make this as short as possible so here it goes. I go to hs and there is this girl and the first time I saw her I couldn't take my eyesoff her. I have talked to her a little like about the test blah blah but I came accross her screenname and I'm debating if I should talk to her when she comes on. I don't know exactly why but I think she kinda likes me too where both shy. What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas or comments are appreciated,thanks for your time

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how did you get her sn? if she has no idea that you have it, then she might get a little freaked out & she will most likely ask you how you got her sn. anyways, i would say that you should talk to her more & ask her what her sn is (even though you already know it). then you can talk to her. or if you don't have a problem telling her how you got her sn, then you can talk to her, but its possible that she might find it a little strange & random.

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So I planned to say hi and ask her bout a test at the end of the day cause I walk right by her. Though she normally has her friends with her well today I saw her and no one was with her and I didn't do anything I couldn't get the words out and I just walked right past her BAHHH. I think i saw her looking at me though in a class. I need more signs to look for other then eye contact cause thats a tricky one I'm workin at findin her hobbies. Any insight is appreciated.

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