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Wot should I DO!!!!!!!

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ok heres the deal:

one of my good mates has been feeling down and she has been seeing a mentor for a couple of weeks now, we dont think that her mentor is the best thing for her right now. her mentor told her to get rid of any negative effects on her life, so she fell our with two of her best mates and now they are feeling down themselves and bring them everyone down with them, i dont know how to help her, she has been cutting her wrists for a while and the other night whilst at a mates when she was totally out of it (drunk) she couldnt co-ordinate her emotion and actions together, she couldnt remember doing anything (cutting her wrists). so we had to help tidy her up, she was sick all over the place and was off school for a couple of days

all of her mates dont know how to help her, we dont think that we can say anything to her because we dont know what she will do if we do tell how we feel.

we are all really worried about her and dont know what to do or to say to her

sorry if this is really confusing but i dont really wot to do or to say to her so any help would be greatful.


thanks for listening if you reached this far


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I hate to here you friend is haveing problems. The best thing that you guys should do is try to get her some help. Show her that you guys like to hang out with her. Did she say why she did not whant to hang out with some of her friends? I wish you guys the best of luck and I hope that your friend starts to feel better with her self.

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thanks for replying

yes she did give them reasons why she fell out with them, the bad thing was that she sent it in an email. she knows that we like to hang out with her, were all going out at the weekend to watch a film, theres about 9 of us going, she has no shortage of friends, just at time she thinks that she is alone. she doesnt even have a bad home life from what her mates can see, from the outside, its just, like a normal family. well if there is such a thing

anyway thanks for relying


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