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update meth vs me I lost

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it has been nearly two weeks since she left me cause of meth. We were together for 3 years and 1 month, one day she tells me I love you and two days later she comes back telling me she found someone else. its really hard for me to accept that she really found someone better than me.


the problem is that this "other" she found... he uses drugs too. he will never be there for her like I was... I always asked her not to do the drugs and that we would work it out. I always expected the best from her. It bothers me that she left with a guy that understands her drug usage because he uses them too.


its sad how drugs can really change a persons mind. how they can blind your judgement and think that they are good for you.


I know in my heart that one day she is going to realize what she left. what she let go cause she wanted to be free to do what she wanted. I fear though... that she is going to learn this lesson the hard way.


After 3 years...... she burned me out. now its time for me to move on with my life and not put her before me. I skiped school and friends just to be there for her. I honestly thought that if I was there for her, that was all she needed to stop and quit forever and then we could get on with our lives.


I don't think she left me becaues she did not love me... she left me because I didn't want her using drugs. her drug using side won!


thank you for reading this. I feel so much better today than I did two weeks ago.


I wish her the best and hope this other guy changes her and is there for her like I was... or even more. she deserves the best.

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