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i have a crush for a girl over the comp , need advice


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talk to her more and get to know her as much as you can over a computer. if things go well just talking, suggest meeting for coffee or something (if you live near each other). if you don't live near each other, then you will need to get to know each other really well before you travel long distances to see each other. i met my last boyfriend over the computer, we had a great romance, and even though we broke up, we are great friends now. good luck.

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its me the one who started the topic here , i had a few things i forgot to ask


1 - should i just pour my heart to her ? see if that works


2 - ask if she's ever had a b/f over the internet (and give her other hints)

and if i do that i need help i dont know how to hint at her


3 - if she says she doesnt like the idea of having a b/f over then net is there anything i could say to change her mind ?


4 - should i straght out ask if she has a b/f ?

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i didn't realize you didn't even know if she has a boyfriend or not.. well then yes, just straight out ask her. most people that have never met anyone off of the internet, will probably be a little apprehensive about it, but because you have been talking for awhile, you never know. Offer to make it a very public place, coffee shop or somewhere near both of you that is usually busy... if she still feels uncomfortable, ask her if she might want to bring a friend along just so she feels a bit better about it, although it might make things awkward for you, but it'll make her feel better probably. if she doesn't like the idea of meeting anyone off the net at all then i really don't know what to tell you... you could ask her again in awhile after you have talked more... since you don't even know if she has a bf or not, talking more and getting to know her is a very good idea... especially knowing if she is looking for a relationship or wanting to date any one right now. hope i was of some help, just be confident. hope things work out for ya

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ok, well i fell in love with a girl over the internet, and it's the worse thing that happened to me, because i was so honest to her it hurt so much she wouldn't love me. i hope for you it can work, i think you just have to try. my advice is cut the relationship if you see the girl doesn't have the same feeling, because you might end up being her closest confident (internet is such a weird thing) and when you'll love her too much you can't imagine being not more than a ear for her she might freak out and you'll never heard from her again.

i hate this world!

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