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Is he telling the truth?

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Hello again,

My husband was charged with a misdemeanor. I was not there, so I have no idea what really happened and I honestly don't know what to believe. I am really really bothered by all this. He keeps saying he's not worried about the charges but I am very worried. Do you think he is just denying all this but he really did it? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.


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Hmmm what a predicament???? First of all, its your husband and if you've had a faithful and honest relationship I would believe his side of the story until you actually see what the charges (police report) are. His true motivations as to what happened that night may never be revealed to you so you need to think more with your mind and not assume too much in front of him. You can have your doubts and you can ask questions, but just know that he will be defensive. Apparently, if he get angry... there must be something to hide. People change their stories because they either think they can get away with it or realize that they don't want to get into trouble. This is a serious offense. Battery is no joke. The next thing that you need to consider, is who else was a witness to this incident. If the woman pressed charges, the police may have gotten a few witnesses. You need to get a copy of that report. Remember, you can speculate all you want... but you can save face to. You need that report... did I say that enough.... Good luck.... sounds like a tough situation.... peace

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