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Helping a friend with post-suicide


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I was informed that a close friend attempted suicide. She is calling for me to help her and support her. Of course I will be there for her and not judge her, but other than listening and such I would like to ask for any advice in helping her through this rough time.


She has lost many things, but I am reinforcing that she still has her life. It all stems from there. With love, time, and help from others, she will grow again.


Are there items that could help? Stuffed animals, books, something to take her mind off suicide and on to other things that would help her to tangibly have?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

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show your friend how much they mean to you & tell them how happy you are to have them as a friend. basically, make them feel special. i wouldn't suddenly start buying them all kinds of stuff because it might make them feel weird. just be there for her & let her know how speical she is & that you are there for her no matter what.

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as someone that attempted suicide i would say showing you care for this person is important, but don't act to diiferent than you use to, because she may think that you're just doing it because her suicide ade you feel bad about yourself. try to talk to her sometimes, to kow if her thoughts are not too dark, because if they are you have to try to show her where she is wrong. the most difficlt thing for me was to stop thinking dark, and i still do sometimes. after suicide hope is something hard to find... i still haven't found it

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I to tryed to kill my self. The best thing that you can do is just be there friend show them that there is something worth living for. Like lost sead hope is hard to find. I my self havent found it yet ether. Just tell you friend that life can only get better becouse look where there are at. That is what my friends told me. I know it is hard to go on some days. Just remember that live is short all ready and we dont need to end it sooner. I hope that this helps you I wish you and your frind the best of luck.

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just let ur friend know that u really apprieciate ur friendship and that ur really happy to have ur friend in ur life, its really good that u are being there for ur friend, its show that u really value ur friends friendship, i hope everything wokrs out for you both, take care.

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basically let her know that no matter what she can turn to you for help and support at any time. Embrace her for who she is and bring focuse to her strenths. Build up her self esteem. As for objects, favorit books movies, games, hobbies, clubs. Anything that she's intrested in can help take her mind off it.

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