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two nights to remember


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I would like to thank you for all the replies to my post. I have one more question for you:


I am going to meet my guy after two months and I want to make it two nights to remember. I have brought two outfits. My question is: How do I introduce them to him? I am really shy when it comes to things like this. Do I tell him to go out while I get into it, or tell him to close his eyes. How do I present it to him without over doing it. I'd like to do it right.

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From what you're saying, I'd suggest one of two things. Either ask him to go out (for some silly reason you come up with) so you can change, or make some excuse yourself and go somewhere else and change.


I think you'll find the surprise a bit easier to take. I suspect having him cover his eyes won't be quite as easy for you somehow.


Keep it a nice, simple surprise. Don't say anything about it before or after if you're shy.


Good luck.

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I wouldn't think haveing him close his eyes would be the best ether. Im shure that you might spend a couple seconds apart in your 2 days. If he leaves the house (or whatever) you can have a great surprise wating for his return. If thats not going to happen then send him for some ice or something that might make the prosedings a little more interesting.

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