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Do all women need affection?

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The reason I ask what seems to be a stupid question is because all I ever hear about is how women wish their man showed them more affection. I have been going out with this girl for 6 months. Although we have never used the 'L' word we have spent a lot of time together, travelled together and talked vaguely of moving in together. So we're pretty close.


The thing is, she has never once initiated kissing or hand holding, never mind sex. For the first 4 months of our relationship, I put this down to shyness.


She has been away travelling the last 6 weeks and when we saw each other again, apart from an inital bit of kissing, for the next five days we spent together (I went to visit her at her parents), i would say 70% of the time she pulled away when I went to kiss her, hold hands or put my arm around her. She came up with excuses such as she was hungry, or tired, or 'people are looking'. It's not like she's angry with me, we talked and laughed the whole time. but we only had sex once, and that time we were a bit drunk. We used to have it like, 2 or 3 times a day.


Tell me this, girls, if you hadn't seen your man for almost 2 months, wouldn't you be more affectionate than usual, rather than less? More keen on sex, not less?


Am I about to get dumped? If so why, when I asked her if she wanted us to carry on as a couple now she is back, or just be friends (because that was how it was starting to feel) did she say "yes, don't be silly?"

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Ok the only thing I can say is, I have not seen my guy for 2 months now and im seeing him this fri and boy its gonna bit wicked gonna give him the time of his life.

The thing is your gal should be thinking the same but she's not, so think to your self what is it, and why don't you just ask her right up. It prob end up being nothing, or just something she just scared off I cant say what but im sure you can find out by the thing called communication honey.

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Ok I will try to help you. Ok the not holding hand, kissing, ect, ect. She might not what to show PDA (plubic display of affaction) around her famly. The sex thing I cant help you with that. I dont know if what I say helps. Oh yea one more thing you sead that she was or is shy right? She might be veary shy around her famly. (this comes from a veary shy guy) Good luck!

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your right,alot of girls do want affection,its in our genes.but so do some men,it differs.men and women generally speaking need different things in a relationship.however it does seem strange that your girl is not showing you much affection and attention afetr going that long without seeing you.

this could be a warning sign that she cares maybe a bit less for you than she did before her travels,unless god forbid she met someone whilst she was away travelling.i really dont want to worry you unnecessairly but these could be signs of her having cheated whilst she was away,and now feels guilty about carrying on as she did before knowing what she has done.im probably completely wrong but im just trying to go through every option with you.

i know you have already asked her about the relationship,but just ask her again,and ask her to be very honest with you,and tell her that you are concerned coz she is not being very attentive.if she still then tells you that everything is fine,then you will probably have to take her word for it and trust that things are ok,theres little else that you can do.

there could be any number of reasons she is being less attentive,she could be having other troubles in her life that have nothing to do with your relationship,you never know until you ask so dont just assume its something you've done wrong.just let her know that you are here for her when she is ready to talk about whatever is bothering her when she is ready.

hope i helped pm me if you wanna xxx

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from my exerience, some girl seem to be so shy as not wanting to kiss or hold hands, and i thought it was because they were scared of something, but actually it depends of the guy they are with. i hope i'm wrong for you, but maybe she's not attracted by you physically. or maybe there's something mre behi,nd that, all you have to do is ask her about it, or you'll never know...

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