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Pandora's Box

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As my name might imply, I am a dating newbie. Im currently a sophmore in college and I'm trying to make my move on a girl a year older than myself and she's a bit shy/innocent looking appeal. I dont consider myself to be a fabio or a steve urcle, but I'd say I would have a chance to possibly get a date with her. BUT, how do I go about this? I've been talking with her almost everyday in classes (I have 3 classes with her) for about 3-4 weeks now.


I initially talked actively to her for the first week and nearly ignored her for the second week. I was giving up on her until on the third week she came up to me (this came to a complete shock to me). I was nearly speechless but tried to play it cool even after she gave me a ride. Needless to say she sits closer to me in class and initiates conversation every once in a while.


Im currently in the process of "she loves me, she loves me not." Im going to try to find out next week (week 5 of pandora's box) or this week (week 4 of pandora's box). I'm very unsure on how to approach this. I currently have 2 plans. Plan A: find out where she works (address) and send her some roses from me with my name/number on it. Plan B: tell her how I feel and run for the hills in a desperate attempt to shun myself of what might come from her mouth (I've been an ugly duckling most of my life but few years ago truend into a "swan"....without cosmetic surgery lol).


My reasons for her possibly being attracted to me came from conversations. My reason for her possibly not being intrested in me is because I'm a year younger than her (she's 21).


And this is where I come to you guys. What the hell is going on and what do you think would be the wise thing to do? Should I open Pandora's Box (ask her how I feel)?

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lol....how about not going to extremes and simply ask her out casually? It's worked for millions of people just like you all over the world! There doesn't have to be any drama, or anxiety attacks, nothing of the sort. If you get along well with her (which obviously you do) and you're not Quasimodo (which you've stated you're not, and I believe you) then go for it.....she's old enough to be mature about it. If she has a b/f, she'll tell you. (Not sure if you've found this out yet or not, as to her availability.) If she's interested, she'll say yes (have a plan ready, if she does) and if she's not, she'll say no, simple as that. Nothing to work yourself up into a frenzy about! And if she says no, then you just smile and give a "no harm in asking" kinda answer and move on....doesn't mean you can't still talk to her and at least be friends!

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Tell the girl how you feel. Girls love honesty. If you maybe go slow and just ask her out for a coffee or something after class one day. If that goes well and you get a good vibe, ask her out for dinner or something. Girls aren't that concerned with age, especially when they get to college/university, and one year younger is nothing, trust me. Be confident (but not too confident) in your approach and just simply ask for a coffee... maybe that same day ask if she'd like to join you for dinner that weekend... hope for the best. if the worst comes and she says no, don't be embarrassed about it, just be cool with it and stay friends with her and continue talking to her in class... it could turn into a great romance or a great friendship... both are invaluable. Good Luck

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Well i like your straight forwardness, But the rose(s) i have to say is just a little over-kill, that would be sort of scary/strange....maybe sending a single rose, with a "anonymous" number would be better, get her phone number is what I'm trying to say. listen she talks to you in class, even approached you (to your shock) your sound Shy, be at least a little pursuant in your actions, and intentions to "wanting" to get to know her better, and really the only way you can accomplish that is asking her out, god i say this so much in here, ask her out for lunch..Not dinner..remember you don't really know her, or what she likes to eat for food..so lunch is better. got a pizza place around campus somewhere..I'm sure you do.


take things in baby steps, the 2nd plan i would just wait on that..it's to much, that is for like week 10-15, play this out...don't sound or seem desperate, and you did the right thing by not really talking to her for a week, that made her come back, it's like a cat mouse game, keep both sides even with chemistry/conversations between you 2..and do a little flirting. this site IS just Filled with attraction/flirting conversational tips for Men...OMG you learn so much you just have to read..the links are below on the home page (bottom) so really you find more answers from "*Experts*" rather than just insight from us member, but we all try...so if you need anything else just P.M. me...I'm always around.

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