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I miss him and dont know what he is doing

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Its been a month since I split up from my boyfriend and i miss spending my time with so much. We started off as friends over a year ago and one thing led to another as they sometimes do. As he has 2 boys I never really saw him the week he had they boys and I used to spend alot of my time with him when the boys were at there Mums just as friends. As things progressed we started going out more, but the problem being I work with him and no one at work new, so it became awkward where I didnt want people knowing about us. I loved being with him, but ever since we have split up I hardly see him and I am finding this very hard to cope with. We are still friends but when we have spent sometime together we have fooled about and things could of got a little more heated. I have really tried to be strong but last night he was the one to be making comments and have wondering hands which in the end I had to say no. We had such a good time I have come home tonite after seeing him at work and I am very sad because we had such a good laugh last night I want things to be the same they were. Any ideas what could be going on in his head??

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i don't know girl because working with the man you love is unbearable and you think and see that person every day. You start to wonder and blame your self of what happened and that you caused it to happen by saying something or doing something. Plus no one at work new so you probably had to keep a low profile on the relationship. I can't help of feeling this way and right now it is hard especially when he is not spending as must time with you and when you do spend time it goes to fast and you have a great time and you beg the Lord that it would not end and the time would go slower. But honey i don't and life goes not. You will meet the RIGHT person for you just take your time. Life is a gamble and just enjoy it. You had time with him and a minute does not last last an hour so that gone so move on ok.

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