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  1. Yeah, most people respond in a joking way, because they think I'm joking about it. And they make sure to say some variation of what you did: "Yeah, everybody would like to..." I'll just say that there's a difference between not liking work and not believing in work. IMHO, if given the chance, most people would be too proud to do it.
  2. This may be a bad time to tell you that I'd rather have a guaranteed income and not do any work at all. I've never gotten anything rewarding out of work, I'm not good at it, and it's slowly eaten away at me. I don't think there's anything good about being "productive" in the sense you're referring to. Also, I've purposely chosen to work less, to keep from contributing to a society that I'm ambivalent toward.
  3. No, both. That said, I'm a sellout, as I do have a job. But in my defense, I don't put very much into it at all...
  4. Having watched how my male relatives were treated at their jobs, where they were basically used up and thrown away... ...and having seen that men that make more than me still get pretty unimpressive women... ...my response has basically been, "Wow, I'm better off not even trying."
  5. If the doughnuts are moving, I recommend finding another doughnut shop...
  6. It's because my philosophy is spreading! I put in a lot of hard work, doing this sort of thing long before it was cool or mainstream, and it's finally paying off...!
  7. Your problem shouldn't be with JJ, it should be with the process that he's going through. It's a cycle of trying, failing, and having to do it again. Pursuing women is a highly repetitive/monotonous process. You're going to hear about the same problems over and over. And if you think that hearing about pursuit is stressful, you should try actually doing it. Cut him some slack.
  8. I realize that women have to worry about safety more than men...but I'd encourage you to always be direct, as opposed to using code and/or trying to spare the guy's feelings. Yeah, the guy may get upset, but you'll save a lot of time for both of you. Also, it'll avoid the two main problems that come from that: 1. The guy will wonder what he's doing wrong, and become neurotic about it, as opposed to realizing that you just aren't attracted to him. Instead of moving on, he'll try to make a zillion changes to his approach. You'll both get worn down and stressed out. This happened to me when I
  9. The picture-wanting guy's test worked, then, even if he doesn't know it. You're more interested in gym guy than picture-wanting guy--because you'll make a sexual exception for the former, but not the latter--and your response indicated that. Gym guy gets a shower, picture-wanting guy doesn't even get a picture, and that pretty much tells the story. IMHO, if a woman is attracted to a man, that attraction will overcome her usual beliefs and rules, and she'll quickly throw them aside. Whereas if she shrugs and does what she always does, there isn't enough attraction there.
  10. Both of my girlfriends constantly complained about my lack of confidence. They tried to present it as encouragement, but I could tell how uncomfortable it made them. My self-esteem is currently somewhere around our planet's core, and I can tell you that it hasn't done me any favors. For the record, I think that confidence is an entirely neutral trait, one that I'm not attracted to at all.
  11. The height discussion is dead. Long live the weight discussion! I weigh 120 lbs. I know some women who weigh around that...and all but a few are stay-at-home-moms who married into money. The ones that work only work because they want to, not because they have to. That's how in-demand thin women are. In an alternate reality where physical priorities are reversed, I'm probably a trophy husband of some sort, who stays at home and watches sports all day. Sadly, in this universe, staying thin won't earn me a meal-ticket...
  12. For some reason, that doesn't seem to bother them. Where I live, I frequently see couples that are a foot apart (or more) in height. Two of the married women that I know are both significantly shorter than me, and their husbands are well over six feet (and either come from money or are extremely successful, but that's another story).
  13. You would be shocked at the number of women your height who refuse to date a man under six feet tall. I don't care about height at all, but, being realistic, I've tried to go after women that are shorter than I am. 90% of the time, they're looking for someone 5'10 or taller.
  14. Actions speak louder than words. Men may not say "I'd never date a woman that's overweight", but their actions will tell the tale. It's the same here. Some things don't need to be said. I will now attempt to summarize the universal argument made in threads like these: "Golly gee, women care about height? I'm a woman, and that's news to me! Sure, sure, I'm involved with a guy that's taller than me, but that's just a coincidence. You should do just fine as a not-tall guy! Completely coincidentally, though, you may need to settle for less. Significantly less."
  15. Obviously, all of this is proof that men shouldn't pursue, since it doesn't usually work for us.
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