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  1. The symptoms are kind of maladaptive daydreaming ones but idk. Some symptoms are of derealisation as well. I don't deliberately sit and fantasize rather it just comes to my mind while doing everyday tasks. But I'll try to seek any help from professionals.
  2. I don't experience anything other than this. I feel like everything is a story and that i am not living in a present. Even if i remind myself ' this is a reality', I don't feel it. As a kid, i made lot of fantasy stories in my mind. I read novels and imagined them in my mind. That is why i am having hard time to differentiate between reality and fantasy. No, I haven't talked to a psychiatrist yet. I want to know if this problem is serious or i will get normal after some time. I think this isn't a very severe problem because it hasn't really affected me. I'll contact a doctor if it seems seriou
  3. Everything around me doesn't feel real. It's as if all of it is happening in my mind. I am imagining everything and am not living in present. I am not able to differentiate between reality and imagination. Is there a chance that i have ADHD or fantasy prone personality? If i get to know about it a bit, I'll see a doctor. But before i want to know if these are symptoms of ADHD or any other disorder?? I have read that ADHD mostly happens to those who fantasize things in their childhood. And same is the case with me. I used to fantasize a lot because i was addicted to fictional novels. If you ha
  4. I didn't fully understand. But if you mean why I posted about my issues on other forums, it is because I wanted advice from different perspectives. And each and every advice was helpful including this one's , I got support which I wanted. Thank you very much though. I will definitely try to have free time not for social media but for myself :)
  5. Okay. Thank you very much. I guess, I'll have to sleep 8 hrs then.
  6. Thanks to all. I will definitely reschedule my day and find free time but sleeping 8 hours won't be possible. It would waste my time. No, i am not. I hardly get any time to use mobile except when i have to watch lectures or read anything.
  7. I am being very busy from few days. Because of my academic and self studies. I wanted to ask if it is necessary to have me-time. I sleep for 6 hours. And right after waking up my busy schedule starts. Even if want to watch any interesting videos or want to rest, the thoughts is always in my mind that this is my study time and i should get back to it. I came here to ask this. I'll make my schedule accordingly.
  8. Not doing the work properly. Sometimes if i refuse to do any work because i feel lazy and tired, she says nobody helps me. Most of the times i help her though. She gets angry and scolds me and my siblings saying we're useless and she has done so much for us,still we don't respect her blah blah.
  9. No,no. It's not like he is faultless. He is equally responsible as mum for the fights. He uses a lot of disrespectful words ,needless to say ,swears mum, which i can't even say here. And his loud voice during fights is just.....too much. But after the fight, he keeps to himself. Hence our bond gets low.
  10. Thank you so much @LaHermes for this. I will definitely try it. I appreciate this. Thank you again.[emoji3590]
  11. She scolds even for little things. I understand she's going through menopause phase but that doesn't mean she will get angry at her children. And how on earth is it my fault if she has mood swings? It is very rare that i have speak back and stand up for myself. Most of the times she keeps on scoffing, scolding. I don't take her words seriously because she doesn't mean it but still i get upset at the anger and scolds. And then suddenly she changes. She speaks softly and politely and treats me as her favourite kid. But how do i cope with the scolds and anger??
  12. Like the loneliness everyone is suffering due to quarantine?
  13. Can someone please tell me what exactly is discussed in this thread? Is it about seeking advice for everyday problem?
  14. Thank you so much everyone. I'll check out the options you've given for sure.
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