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  1. Thank you so much for this. It resonates completely.
  2. Regarding taking time to reply back, you explained your reason to him. That was your mistake because you made him wait too long. When you drop people off like that, it is considered rude without an immediate explanation why you have difficulty responding. To simply ignore for a few weeks is a long time to ignore. No one likes that. Since your dialogue with him is not going well, reconsider this friendship or relationship. It wasn't meant to be. No no, i only made him wait a day when i couldnt reply. It was him that didnt respond for over a week. :) I agree with everything you said
  3. Its not that black and white, poster lol. He flirts, he does and says things that indicate we are more,than friends... he just doesnt say it. He doesnt want me to date other people etc. Thats been made clear... But yes! Why treat him like a bf if he wont agree thats what he is, or only in hinting at it when it suits. Yes, i get the point :)
  4. Ill try to clarify... I took some time to reply back to a text a few weeks ago and thats when he sent the dialogue about how this made a person feel. (unimportant, questioning what they mean, not prioritised etc), I agreed but said sometimes all is not what it seems and sometimes a person can be tied up with something, or may not know how to respond if they are uncertain of feelings. He agreed. We exchanged more after that point and then after i shared my health situation in trust, nothing came back. Could be playing for tat? Who knows... I am inclined to agree with the other poste
  5. We are a little more than friends. There have been many romantic moments and talks of starting a relationship and and they actually came from him!! Not me lol. I used the term "close friend" as we have not engaged in sex. Maybe to say he is my "companion" is better? There's a lot of assumption in peoples responses lol. Im not clingy, needy, i just noticed the drop in responses and it hurt as on the other side, im very supportive of his work etc. It was a balanced, two way situation until recently. For me personally, it came at a time when being supportive, really mattered. I would say
  6. We are close friends i guess you could call it. He said to me just recently, that One needs to feel respected, honored, and prioritized in order to open wider. There also is a factor of what attachment type you are and need in the processes of sharing. He also said he became a firm believer that while we need to ensure we take care of our needs, there are needs we need fulfilled by those we surround ourselves by and that he learned it is best to speak about and ask for the needs that are important. That it isn’t about being needy, but about communicating what needs are important to eac
  7. I have a few questions… If like me, You are a feeling, sensitive person. May i ask how you would react in the following situations? If it took over a week for someone to reach back and acknowledge a heartfelt message where you stated very clearly, that you need them? Would you be upset? And If in this past year or so, you told someone you love them, want them and so you reached for their hand over and over again… Only to have nothing come back, How would you react and feel? If you shared you were currently fighting a serious health matter and the person you were opening up to, d
  8. Why? If you ever find conscience, or wonder how we ended up here, just remind yourself of how you chose lies over truth. Deceit over honesty. Be honest about your disrespect for a woman who was healing and yet you still proceeded to bluff and manipulate. Know that the fault, came the moment poison fell from your lips and fingertips. And isn't it sad that in the end, the only thing that was unequivocally serious and real about us, were your lies. And what of promises? Those cozy knitted words you'd weave and dress me in, that looked so pretty and gave such warmth. Nothing more t
  9. Thanks for the responses... Having recently learned about trauma bonding, future faking and other such topics that I feel I crossed during my involvement with said person, I have new hope that knowledge will help steer me clear to avoid similar situations in future.
  10. I understand your point, but this post was to give background about an old friendship with someone who happened to wrong me earlier on at a bad time in my life. We are both past any other intentions aside from being friends now. I just wanted to ask if i should give this friend another chance. Not in a romantic sense, but as a friend. Maybe that got lost in the details...
  11. So i am a "duh" case for seeking help here? Lol okay. To reiterate, it was THIS SITE that i got talking to said friend. And not a narc specific site. So does that mean that nobody who posts here is trustworthy? We are all liars and emotional vampires here? Noted. I'm healed and good after my therapy, thanks. My question here was to get perspective on a friendship, not a relationship.
  12. LHGirl... Yes, i see the irony, but may i ask if you think this response is helpful in any way? :/ It could have happened to anyone seeking help. It was this site where it happened actually. So does that mean we are all wrong for making a friend here? Or for trusting those who have had a real horrible experience and wish to genuinely help others?
  13. What would you do? A year ago, I freed myself from a narcissistic relationship with a sex addict. I sought therapy and help from various sources in a bid to heal myself after the experience. One of the things i tried was joining an online forum where other people had been through similar situations... that's where i met my friend, who for privacy here, I will call Mr X. Mr X was very considerate and well educated. He was divorced from his wife and had custody of their only child due to her unstable personality. Mr X and i started exchanging daily for around a month or two in the fo
  14. EasyJets crawled across the sky into the west wind. I read "In loving memory of." and "What will survive of us is love." "Love is eternal, here rests for a time." Perhaps the dead lie happily in the well tended plots, or perhaps they'd prefer the forgotten overgrown corners. Perhaps they prefer their names obliterated by time and the weather. Perhaps not. There was only the sound of the strong west wind in that place, and I wasn't there for very long when I thought that I should leave... When I'm at the pearly gates This will be on my videotape, my videotape...
  15. Stick a fork in me... I've tried. I'll just lose myself in my own private hell..
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