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  1. Thanks SooSad33. Yes, time to adjust and heal fully. Thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂
  2. I really appreciate your concern here, Rose Mosse, thank you. It has been difficult and it feels very 'empty'. I made some art (it's one of my favourite things to do) to hang on the walls and have bought some new furniture to jazz it up a bit. It's helping 🙂 I've found some new interests I wish to embark on. The advice offered by you and the other users of this forum has been so helpful. I really appreciate your time to check that I'm ok, I needed it 🙂
  3. Thanks Rose Mosse, I agree and was honestly also thinking that the delay had a lot to say (no response is a response, after all!) Thanks for your time to offer advice 🙂
  4. Thanks, indea08. I would agree that I can see why there is a delay in the response, and I certainly haven't reached out again nor will I, nor will I push for the answer. The ball is in his court now. I suppose in terms of what I want from the situation, if he agreed to see me for the chat, I think it's just to talk generally about the relationship itself. While on the phone after he sent the breakup text, everything sounded very up in the air on his end (like he couldn't even really describe or explain exactly what was going on in his head with it), the distance seemed to be a factor, an
  5. Thank you, Clio. I really appreciate the time you took to offer this response. Yes, I agree, it's a rubbish feeling, but it's given me the closure that I need now so I'm glad I went ahead and extended the hand (I was just kinda going out of my mind being stuck in my flat on my own with the memories, I felt like I needed to put it to bed once and for all). Thank you again, this is helpful
  6. Here is a post about my breakup: https://www.enotalone.com/topic/444738-very-unsure-about-what-happened-in-my-relationshipbreakup-would-greatly-appreciate-opinionsadvice/?tab=comments#comment-5656616 I am back now in my local area in the flat that my ex and I spent a lot of time together. It's been over a month since the breakup, and we haven't spoken a word about it or our emotions, no contact. The second day in my flat I found it pretty painful and ended up crying (just bottled up emotions I think). The following day (yesterday) I was speaking to a colleague (via Teams) about the situa
  7. This is really sad. You clearly care for this person, but they're not showing much care and consideration for you if they're doing this. How long have you been together? How did you find out she was cheating? And in terms of the worry about anger, I can understand this worry (I get the vibe you don't like confrontation?) but you should really be the one angry with her, and you have every right to be. You would do much better with someone who sees your value and worth and would never even think of doing this to you. I know that in my previous relationship, my head was never even
  8. Thank you so much, SooSad33. I really appreciate this 🙂 just words of encouragement. I know I'll be ok in the end, even though it's hard at the moment 💔 🙂
  9. Thanks SooSad33. No, the money has been dealt with now, we did bank transfer, I just needed to get his account details which is why we stayed in communication regarding that. And yes, I do have to go back, unfortunately 😞 my job requires me to return working face to face again. We don't work together or anything, but my profession was mentioned specifically on the news as being one that had to return to work, so he knows I'll be coming back
  10. Hi all. I posted a topic a few weeks ago about the breakup I had with my ex now almost a month ago: https://www.enotalone.com/topic/444738-very-unsure-about-what-happened-in-my-relationshipbreakup-would-greatly-appreciate-opinionsadvice/?tab=comments#comment-5656250 For anyone who didn't read it, I had to relocate because of the pandemic (about an hour away), and my boyfriend at the time broke up with me about 3 weeks into being away. He gave me the 'it's not you, it's me' and that he wants to work on himself spiel. I asked him if this would be happening if I was there, to which he pause
  11. Wanted to elaborate on this as I wholeheartedly agree. I'm in the same predicament as you right now (broken up with 3 weeks ago but mine was a shorter relationship and we didn't have much on social media). I strongly recommend you stay in no contact. If you want more information on this and how to cope, there is plenty on YouTube and articles on this topic. It really helps you to heal. Yes, there will be painful moments and it will hurt, but you will sincerely thank yourself in the long run for not reaching out. You will wonder if she's ok, but the moment you reach out and discuss any ty
  12. Thank you so much, lostandhurt. This has definitely given me some food for thought. I think you are absolutely right, I really am trying to better myself, but thinking about the lack of reciprocation in some of my previous relationships has been an eye opener. I must make sure I am receiving equally. I also want to thank you for your kind words in the last paragraph. I am really trying to better myself from each experience, and it's been helpful to receive that acknowledgement from my writing. Thank you again, take care 🙂
  13. All of your response was great, Batya33, but I did particularly want to highlight this as something I'll definitely take forward! Thank you so much for your response and thoughts 🙂
  14. Thank you, SooSad33. I wouldn't say fears all the time, it's more so if I have built some sort of connection/bond with this person i.e. in a relationship, heading towards a relationship, and then an argument occurs (for example) or I get the feeling they're going to/about to pull away. I've had lots of experience of people pulling away or leaving. Whilst I know that not everyone in my life will leave, when they grow distant or an argument starts, my first initial internal response is that they'll leave me. This then causes me to become very upset (whether in front of or away from the person).
  15. Hi all, I wonder if you could help. It's occurred to me recently that I think I may have an overall fear of rejection, which I'm concerned has trickled into and ultimately ruined some of my 'relationships' in the past. I say that in loose terms as I have had experience of casual relationships also. I find that in whatever kind of relationship I am in, I am very much a give give give give type of person, and I often find that I have an awful adrenaline rush when I feel like somebody may be about to leave me or is considering it. In the past, this has caused me to respond very emotiona
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