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  1. okay so I know it sounds childish and what not, but Im looking for some insight and perspective on this. I broke up with my ex for the third time about 9 months ago. I never met any of her friends, NEVER, but two of her friends followed me on IG. ok no big deal. But after the third and final break up one friend was quick to unfollow but the other (the best friend) still lurks and occasionally watches my stories. after the break up my ex said to me "well, I need to tell (my best friend) to unfollow you". Understandable, I did not argue and said that was okay, but her friend still follows m
  2. Yuuuup, happened to me, but no explanation just a cold exit phrase.
  3. A very similar situation I’m going through as well. it’s been 2 months NC and incredibly difficult for me to move on too.
  4. It’s dealing with someone’s free will. LOA I believe works more with material objects or situations. I’ve been there too, if it works for you that’s great.
  5. What do you want me to say? That I should’ve listened to you three years ago when you said don’t give your heart to undeserving s? I don’t know what you thought would happen when you told me your true feelings, obviously you didn’t think. It was easy. I was an easy target. I fell for it. You’re a selfish human being and at 43, you still have a lot of growing up to do. But you won’t. You’ll keep running away from your problems and blaming everyone else. You took advantage of me and took me for granted and then didn’t even have the god damn guts to end things so you made me do it. To leave s
  6. I had one “come back” five years later. Nothing had changed, she was still a tragic train wreck. I thanked her for dumping me.
  7. I’ve been through the same situation with a few girls. Their excuse is always “work has been CRAZY” or “life has been a whirlwind”. I’m not one to chase, I believe that if you all are into each other , then you both make an effort. I’ve left these situations with a “if you have time to go out soon, please hit me up” and when they never do, I have my answer. It sucks, but just let him go.
  8. My girl and I entered a LDR late last year. Her in CA, me in KY. She would frequently talk to her friend in CO about me and for the first time in their 20+ year friendship, her friend was very approving of her choice of mate (without meeting me) which I thought was pretty cool. Her friend then started following me on IG. We “met” on a FaceTime session when my gf was staying with her. We continued to message each other every once in a while, mostly just common interests or little things about my gf. Well, my gf suddenly broke up with me (story for later) and I’ve not been active on social med
  9. I forgot to mention that I even said I can be a bit intense because I'm excitable and impulsive so if I need to take it down a notch I will. She said she wants me to be myself so there's no need to take it down.
  10. i've tried to condense this to just the important information for your sake... So i met this amazing girl and we dated for seven weeks. texted everyday, went out every other day, she stayed at my place a couple times a week. i thought things were going really well, we were having fun every time we were together, she felt comfortable opening up to me about some things in her past, her health and family things and i did the same. nothing she told me had me running for the hills, even when she said that some of these issues had been problems in past relationships i always responded that i was
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