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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    When Innocence Becomes Blurring Confusion

    Innocence is an icon of beauty, purity, and unburdened love. It's the trademark of youth and adventure, a joyous explore untarnished with consequences or mistakes of the past. It's a precious state of being that entreats us to bottle it up, nurture and protect it from all harm. Yet, as many of us can attest, that this fantasy of innocence can fade as quickly as it enchants us, leaving a state of confusion that can leave you wondering what went wrong.

    When innocence becomes blurring confusion, it can be an emotional minefield that is difficult to get out of unscathed. It can leave us feeling betrayed, disappointed, and anxious, even when we haven't borne any of the ill-favored burden. This can occur when our expectations of an innocent, harmonious exchange are not met, and the consequences and misunderstandings that arise can cause confusion and deeply ingrained doubts that at times are impossible to shake.

    In situations like this, where a misstep is believed to have been taken and unwanted developments have arisen, it is essential to remember your truth and to not lose sight of who you really are. All too often, our natural response is to pour fuel on the fire with more self-doubt and guilt, without taking the time to evaluate the facts and recognize our own contributions to the scene.

    Rather than sticking to the story that surfaces and painting yourself as the villain in this piece of theatre, take the time to open your eyes and see what has truly happened. Make sure to remember and look out for any misconceptions or misinterpretations that may have occurred and focus on separating the true reality of the situation from what is assumed to have taken place.

    Remember to focus on being honest with yourself and admitting to yourself any mistakes that you may have made. Attempting to sweep them under the rug will only add more stress and confusion to the equation as it will obscure the truth and become a greater source of confusion going forward. Acceptance of responsibility and ownership of our role in the events at play can help to alleviate some of the confusion and move us closer to finding the source of what actually happened.

    Gaining clarity over who was involved and the true nature of the dynamics can be extremely beneficial for those struggling with feelings of confusion and misplaced guilt. Reassessing our value and worth allows individuals to exhale and free themselves of any unintentional toxicity and lead them back towards the path of growth, healing, and acceptance.

    Locating and separating fact from fiction can be liberating and can provide us with hindsight that allows us to view and approach these types of situations with a clear and calm mind. Additionally, it can free us of any heavy mental baggage and provide us with the opportunity to accept ourselves, pick ourselves up, and move on confidently with our remaining innocence intact.

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