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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    When to Make the Leap and Ask Out Your Friend

    Asking your friend out on a date is a bold move that could potentially change the game and the dynamic of your friendship. On one hand, it could be an epic start of an awesome relationship. On the other, you could face an awkward situation as if you were walking on eggshells, never sure which action will take your relationship in an irreversible turn. Should you ask out your friend? Or should you not risk it?

    First, consider your feelings toward your friend. Do you feel something more than a friendly affection? How long have you been friends? What began as small sparks of flirtations may have turned into a bigger flame over time, or the chemistry between you two could have been present from “hello”.

    It might be a good idea to examine whether the vibes or maybe occasional innuendos within your conversations are reciprocated, or at least noted. Plus, it’s wise to pay attention to the language of your friend — do they lean towards endearments when it hits a certain level of comfort, or remain rather formal? These subtle clues might give you a nod approving the first step in your journey or leave you wondering whether you should proceed or come to a halt.

    This is a crucial decision for you to make — take out time and dive into yourself to think about it. Consider the risks involved but also the possible prize: a successful transition from being just friends to a loving and intimate relationship. To get a balanced opinion, you could enlist the help of an unbiased and trusted source, like your best friend, family member or mentor and hear out their counsel.

    Weigh the pros and cons using your heart and compass, and decide if you’re willing and ready for making such a leap. Do not forget that regardless of the outcome — this story could be added to your love library. Falling in love with a friend is a beautiful experience and even if it ends up not being "the one stated in the script" you will surely gain enough insight and courage to keep going until you find that happily ever after.

    It's all in the timing and readiness. Listen carefully to what your instinct says and remember, don't be afraid to dream. Take the challenge and let your friend know how you feel — don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore the possibility of being together without having to start from scratch. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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