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    Steven Robinson

    What Can I Do To Prepare For My First Date?

    Dear eNotAlone, I have been asked out on a first date by a person I've been talking to for a few weeks, and although I'm excited, I'm also incredibly nervous. I don't know what to do, or what to expect! Should the first date be planned in a certain way? Where should I go? Should I bring up certain topics of conversation on the date, or should I just wing it? What can I do to make sure it goes smoothly? How do I make sure that I don't come off as awkward or shy? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    When it comes to dating, there are no hard and fast rules, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your first date goes smoothly. First, plan something that you'll both enjoy – a movie and dinner, a picnic in the park, or even something more creative like miniature golf. This will give you both something to focus on, instead of just the awkwardness of being alone together for the first time.

    Another great way to ensure the date goes well is to have some topics of conversation in mind. You don't want an entire list of questions ready as if you're giving an interview, but it can help to think of some easy ice breakers, like a movie you've seen lately or a TV show you both watch, so you'll have something to talk about. Most importantly, remember to be yourself, and the nerves should start to fade away.

    Your body language is important. Make eye contact, smile, and lean in. These subtle reminders will show your date that you're interested, and open the door for more conversation. Nerves are perfectly normal, but don't let them take over the entire evening. Focus on having an enjoyable time, and all that nervousness will melt away.

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