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need some advice...


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You know... this is a sore subject with a lot of people and it takes alot of courage to share your story.


Honestly... as much as it hurts... you need to keep this to yourself. If you *truly* feel that what you did was absolutely wrong and you didn't get anything out of it and you would never do it again... then don't tell...


However, if you liked it... if you think about it sometimes... if you aren't strong about your boyfriend... break up with him and save him the pain. But still, never tell him. It's a burden you should have to bear.

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thanks, its been really hard, and although it happened a while ago, lately its bothered me more than ever. i think because i really do feel ive finally found a truly special person, and i cant believe i did something that could hurt him so bad...


i do regret this, and in no way did i get any enjoyment out of it, and i guess i learned the hard way what my friendship with the other boy really meant, and how important my relationship really is.


i know in my heart what my boyfriend and i have is something special, and i wont let anything like this happen again.

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