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Spicing Things Up

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Well, you can go to your bookstore and pick up a book on Kama Sutra or the Joy of Sex or suchlike. You can order it online if you're too embarrassed. Look at it together and talk about what you'd like to try. Sometimes that gets you on the same page and it can be very sexy thinking and laughing about it.


If you want more general ideas... well, often a girl likes romance instead of just sex. You could spice things up by creating a very romantic setting (you know the cliche stuff, that would make my heart melt!).


Get a sexy board game, or make sexy rules for an existing game. For example strip poker. Except.... maybe if someone wins a hand with a certain hand, that hand = a sex act. Like if she wins with a three of a kind, that equals you going giving her a massage, or if you win with a full house, that equals her giving you a blow job for five minutes.


Experiement with doing it outside of the bedroom. You don't have to do it anywhere very exposed. Even trying it in the shower or the kitchen would be a change.


You can try other things like a mirror too.

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Good point. I'm sure there was a thread on here linking to some milder kama sutra pages, but i can't find it just now.


To the OP- maybe google search Kama sutra, or go to a bookshop and see what they've got there. Best of luck! Hope you find something that suits what you're looking for

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I totally agree with Aurian on the whole romance thing. Always works for me, cheesy but true.

Or rather than just trying new positions, experiment with stepping a little outside the box. Try blindfolding, or tying her hands, just make sure she's 100% comfortable.

Talk. Hearing my bf whisper in my ear during sex is a good for him as it is for me.

Buy her something sexy. Seeing your partner in something new or something she wouldn't usually wear can be exciting.

Watch porn together. This has proven to be successful for me...and is great for learning new positions!


Hope this helps!

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