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Does anyone else feel this way??

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Or am I the only one who knows that a relationship with their ex will not work.. Yet still yearn for them at times. When we were together it was always something, always an issue.. Now that we are apart it seems like those issues have sank far.. far... far.. to the back of my head. For some strange reason I see this perfect relationship, when I know in my heart and mind that was never the case..


Why do our minds play tricks on us? Why does it take for us to be apart for me to feel like I miss her??


Maybe I'm crazy!!!

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I hear you....I am the one who ended, too many trust problems, which is my fault a bit. Even if she earned me not trusting her, i still tell myself i should have gotten over it, she was wonderful, the sex was amazing and that i wont have anything like it again....and yet if I dig deep into my little journal i used to keep once in a while, i would find frustration, annoyance and uncertainty.....the mind does play tricks, or perhaps sometimes we dont know what we have....i cant tell right now

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lol, you're not crazy, you're a normal human being. Our minds always play tricks on us but it's up to you to listen to it, or not.


You already know the answer in your heart and in that little sane part of your mind, you don't want that relationship because it wasn't what you wanted. If you want to really simplify it, you could say something like; if it was great and "meant to be," then you'd still be together.


You are your own worst enemy.

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i still yearn for my ex sometimes, yeah. but i'm having more and more days where i am okay with the breakup or getting back together just doesn't sound as shiny and wonderful as it used to. i think these sentiments are signs that i am moving forward...it's very gradual, but moving nevertheless.


i am having one of those good days today. it helps that i watched the movie "closer" last night and the cynicism rubbed off on me. seriously though, great movie to make you miss your ex less. if i could write a prescription for you, that might be it! i put my ex in the role of the jude law character.

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