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Ok so its disco season again at my local student club. Last year I really got into a mess with a few girls who chatted me up (bad experiences) but this time I want to be perpared and get to dance with girls and chat them up.


What ideas do you suggest in clubbing?


My friends tend to be the show-man type and have "props" like hats etc.


I don't want to be like that, I'm kinda short, well-built, have sholder length hair and I'm kinda shy!



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Just wear something that makes you look good (in a way you feel good), maybe get a friends oppinion on clothing or if you have any girlfriends even better for seeking advice. I prefer dark coloured clothes e.g. dark red shirt with black trousers or something like that.


Go with what feels comfortable too you, you know what you like and just be yourself when out clubbing, if something happens just be cool and go with the flow.


Not sure if this is any help, best of luck


- whitefang

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I agree, go with dark colours, like you said there's the possibilty of something being spilt where ever you go (well that's the case with me ).


Why would wearing a hat make that point? Go with what feels right, just because it works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. Experiment a little and find out what looks good, like i said do you have any girlfriends that would be able to help/advise.

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Yeah, Whitefang.


Last week I wore a red "coca cola" T-shirt and blue flared jeans and my fav Doc Marten shoes (highly-polished).


LOL - I had a pitcher of red bull 'n' vodka spilled over me on the dancefloor (of all places).........and I still managed to get chatting to a couple of nice girls!! I felt so under dressed, but there you go!


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