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fat floats...haha.

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ok....i'm 16 and my g/f is 14 (well...i'm almost 17 and she is almost 15 )


I'm about 5'9 and 200 lbs so i've got some extra weight to sling around...so i'm pretty self-conscious when it comes to swimming and my g/f wants to go swimming sometime next week at the pool (w/ a church group)


well, i've told her that i burn (red hair, pale skin) so i'm going to have a shirt on but i'm just still nervous about her being....well, i guess her being a bit disgusted at my physiche...


any tips on ways to avoid anything? or how 'bout just some encouragement??? ugh..........

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You gotta learn to accept yourself first, specially before you bring someone else into the picture. I know a few overweight guys, some have success with women and others don't. What I find though is that the ones who don't seem to have much trouble dating are the ones who don't care what anyone thinks.


Women love confident, but not cocky, men. And that's irregardless of appearance. Most people think women reject them on appearance, and many just may do that...but what's more of a problem is that some reek of the smell of lacking confidence, and this is what women see, not the exterior.

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Well, i try not to care what other people think but my own weight seems to evade this system of defense....


i used to not care but over the past year or so i've managed to cut back a shit load of eating and i'm running around and doing stuff more but i've still got the spare tire....perhaps my own unsuccess causes my dis-ease....

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